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The following are the minimal terms that govern the use of If these things bother you, then you probably shouldn't be hanging around these parts, as sooner or later you'll accidentally burn down the workshop. If you can roll with what follows, then a great hobby waits just around the next corner.

The website is an informational resource only. Nothing presented on is warranted for safety, completeness, statutory compliance, or fitness to any use or purpose.

Electrical Safety:
HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY IN ANY FORM IS INHERENTLY DANGEROUS TO LIFE AND PROPERTY. Most jurisdictions of law place strong liability on the manufacturer or constructor of any equipment that fails in a manner causing loss of life or property. Never attempt a project that requires working with mains AC or high-voltage DC unless you understand the required design and safety measures to reduce hazards including electrical shock and fire. You may also be subject to additional laws that restrict equipment capable of producing RFI emissions.

Properties of Others:
Some projects derive from the ideas of Rod Elliott and other contributors to Elliott Sound Products. Others are based on publicly disclosed designs from various third parties. My presentation of anyone else's ideas is solely my own interpretation and is not a license or inducement to violate any applicable legal protections of intellectual property.

External Content:
I attempt to review external websites before providing links to them from this website, but cannot rigorously examine or monitor them over time. Outside resources linked from are accessed at your own risk.

If you can handle that, then welcome to!

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