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2019: New technical article available

Years ago I published an article on fusing and protection schemes over at Elliot Sound Products, with generous help by Rod Elliot. Recently, I was inspired to do a major re-write, which I have published here.

At left, under "electronics," is a new "tech articles" section that will hopefully be expanded in the future. Take a look!

aaronv 11:50pm 17 Feb 2019

2018: Tenth Anniversary Edition

Amazingly, the site has now been here ten years. Other than domain and host renewals, it has languished (again).

One thing that happened in the meantime is that my favorite audio site, Elliott Sound Products, changed hosts. If you find a broken link to ESP, replace "" with "" in the URL and it should work again.

Hoping to do a light update of the layout and get a few more articles written up. We'll see how long that nonsense lasts. I don't have much time to build things now, but I do have a photo archive of things not yet published here. §

aaronv 12:30am 15 Nov 2018

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