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Headphone Amplifiers

1. ESP P113: A slimline headphone amplifier that rivals any commercial equivalent. Completed April 2007.

Integrated Amplifiers

1. 1970s-style Stereo Amp: An ideal complement for a pair of mock-up Bose 901 speakers. Completed May 2006.
2. Sub Plate Amplifier: An R&D experiment with HEXFETs yields both fun and disaster. Completed September 2006.
3. ESP P3A: A four-channel 100W amplifier, purpose-built for bi-amping. Completed October 2006.
4. ESP P36: A class-A power amplifier with a regulated supply and a stylish chassis. Completed May 2007.
5. 1970s Stereo Amp Redux: A revisit of the from-scratch chassis concept. Completed in mid-2014.

Power Amplifiers

1. ESP P101: A stereo, 150W lateral MOSFET amplifier built to professional standards. Completed November 2007.
2. Slimline 60: A stereo, low-profile, 60W HEXFET amplifier with the same tricks as my P101. Completed August 2008.


1. ESP P97 & P09: A tone control preamp and active crossover for bi-amping. Completed December 2006.

This section of the site is dedicated to newer projects. Presently there are four categories, and more will be added if I build something that doesn't neatly fit into one of the others. "Headphone Amplifiers" and "Preamplifiers" are self explanatory. "Integrated Amplifiers" includes any projects that incorporated preamp hardware, active or passive, into an amplifier. "Power Amplifiers" includes any pure-play component amplifiers.

All of these projects are what took shape after I had enough experience to begin incorporating reasonable design parameters and artistic chassis layouts into my hobby, starting with the 1970s-style integrated amplifier. That was the roughest of them all, but mainly on the rear and bottom sides; from all other angles, it actually turned out slightly better than I had first envisioned.

If you are new to the hobby, do not be discouraged by the complex designs and intensive labor represented by these projects; all of them were the fruit of ongoing experience and a lot of very careful thought. You, too, can get to this point and beyond -- just keep building and learning! §

WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY IS INHERENTLY DANGEROUS AND CAN CAUSE INJURY AND LOSS OF LIFE OR DESTRUCTION TO PROPERTY. The presentations on this website are given for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed for accuracy or fitness to any use or purpose. Consult your local standards and codes before building or modifying any mains-connected equipment.
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