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DC Supplies:
1. Small DC Bench Supply: Test anything with one small box. Construction completed June 2005.

AC Supplies:
2. Isolated 1:1-1500VA Power Supply: Extreme safety at a modest price. Construction completed November 2006.

I have built a number of power supply projects over the years. A simple AC-to-DC single-rail supply was one of the first design concepts I ever grasped, and not too long after that, I learned about the joys of IC voltage regulators.

Sooner or later, every hobbyist will need to think about obtaining versatile power supply equipment for the workbench. Although some equipment types (e.g. a variac) are difficult to build from scratch, other supply devices can be readily assembled by any moderately experienced hobbyist. In my case, I decided to go with Door #2 on several occasions, and the results are documented here. §

WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY IS INHERENTLY DANGEROUS AND CAN CAUSE INJURY AND LOSS OF LIFE OR DESTRUCTION TO PROPERTY. The presentations on this website are given for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed for accuracy or fitness to any use or purpose. Consult your local standards and codes before building or modifying any mains-connected equipment.
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