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1. ESP P70: Death of Zen HP beta: My first attempt at building a Class A headphone amplifier. Completed May 2005.
2. ESP P03: 60W Power Amp: A basic, 1970s-topology power amplifier. Completed July 2005.
3. ESP P70: Death of Zen HP Version 2.0: Second time's a charm for the Class A headphone amplifier. Completed October 2005.
4. ESP P68 & Friends: Powered Subwoofer: A high-performance equalized subwoofer based on ESP's Project 68. Completed January 2006.
5. ESP P88: Simple Preamp: A basic preamp built for use as an unbalanced line booster. Completed February 2006.

Here we have early projects. These were the first scratches of the paintbrush. Art? Sometimes yes, but often, no. What mattered was that they worked at some level, and taught me new things for the next go-around. These projects were the foundational experience for all that followed.

The highlight of this section is the subwoofer article. It has some rough edges that properly qualify it for the "early projects" section, but it also represents a transition point. Nearly everything that came after it took on a noticeably improved form as a result of what was learned during the year-long subwoofer build.

Please pardon the lousy photo quality throughout. I didn't have any good digital cameras until much later, so it was kind of impressive that some of this stuff was photographed at all. §

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