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1. Versatile Dummy Load: A simple tool for testing a device under load. Constructed August 2005.
2. Balanced Line Converter: Bi-directional balanced line conversion via ESP P87. Constructed April 2007.
3. High Power Dummy Load: Serious power requires a serious tool. Constructed November 2008.

Power supplies have their own section in the website. Those aside, all home-brew tools live here. Some were constructed specifically for the audio hobby and others go beyond that. Custom application needs a custom project? Had freetime to kill? Found cheap kit on eBay and got a new idea?

This section is devoted to those projects. §

WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY IS INHERENTLY DANGEROUS AND CAN CAUSE INJURY AND LOSS OF LIFE OR DESTRUCTION TO PROPERTY. The presentations on this website are given for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed for accuracy or fitness to any use or purpose. Consult your local standards and codes before building or modifying any mains-connected equipment.
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